Knowledge + Discipline = Opportunity


A keen awareness of the fast-paced, volatile real estate development market in Southern California. Extensive management expertise in all phases of real estate investment, development and marketing. Familiarity with the entitlements and engineering processes needed to turn raw land into thriving communities. The ability to foster positive one-on-one relationships with the government officials, community leaders and regulatory agencies that drive the development process. And the financial savvy required to maximize the potential of every investment.


An analytical, facts-focused approach to land acquisition, development and marketing. The ability to recognize market shifts and respond quickly to both upturns and downticks. Tight internal financial and operating controls. A firm rein on both project and administrative budgets. Skilled use of computer technology. Working lean, to minimize expenditures and maximize investment potential. And the flexibility that running a tight ship offers -- most notably, the ability to partner with key industry consultants whenever their expertise is needed.


Together, they enable Hillcrest Homes to identify and make the most of the real estate development opportunities we pursue.